The aim of NYLO is to support families to feel more confident to provide a healthy, balanced diet for their child and to help them be a healthy weight. The long-term aim is to prevent the number of children starting school above a healthy weight. The programme is open to all families with a child/children aged 5 years and under living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Families with a child aged 5 and under can self-refer onto the programme or be referred by a health professional. Get Cooking is an 8-week level 1 accredited practical cooking course to support parents to feel more confident to prepare healthy family meals.

Kathryn heard about the NYLO 8-week group programme through a community engagement event attended by the NYLO team at Western Leisure Centre. She self-referred to NYLO in August 2023, as she wanted to provide healthy eating options for her daughter (Aisha). ‘I was finding dinnertimes incredibly stressful with Aisha . Her behaviour was difficult with anything food related. Getting her to eat was a challenge because of her fussiness. I was getting more and more stressed. As dad is busy working, mealtimes were down to me and so I finding it stressful.’

Kathryn booked to attend a NYLO group being delivered at Eastern Leisure Centre starting in October 2023. Aisha was 19 months old when she started the NYLO group programme. Mum and daughter attended every session of the NYLO group programme. Kathryn engaged well with the programme and was able to reflect on what had gone well each week and any challenges. She set herself a weekly family goal to aid behaviour change. Aisha attended the activity session with creche staff and took part in a programme of food and active play activities. During the final NYLO group session families are signposted to further programme and support. Kathryn requested to attend a Get Cooking course with the NYLO team. A creche is provided for all Get Cooking sessions. Mum and daughter attended and completed a Get Cooking course in March 2024.

Kathryn reported the NYLO programme has helped her to make the following changes:

– I offer a healthier diet
– We eat together more as a family
– I include more activity
– I am persisting with offering healthier foods and being consistent

At the start of the NYLO programme Aisha was having 1 portion of fruit and vegetables per day this increased to 5 portions/day on completion of NYLO 2 portions of high sugar foods/drinks this reduced to 1 portion/day on completion of NYLO 3 portions of high fat foods this reduced to 1 portion/day on completion of NYLO Aisha’s daily activity increased from 2 hours at the start of the programme to 3 hours per day on completion. Kathryn reported at the start of NYLO they would sometimes sit down together at mealtimes and completion she reported they often sit together at mealtimes. Kathryn’s confidence levels to provide a healthy lifestyle for her family increased from 7 at the start to 8 on completion. Following completion of Get Cooking Kathryn reported she was: – More confident preparing and shopping for healthy food since attending the course -Eating more fruit and less sugary and sweet food and fatty/fried foods At 3 month follow up evaluation telephone call Kathryn reported she had maintained the changes she had made since attending the NYLO programme. She reported her confidence levels had increased further to 9 from 8. Following completion of Get Cooking she has further reduced the portions of high sugar and fat foods for her family. Kathryn would like to attend future ‘catch up with NYLO’ follow up sessions.