The ‘Pre-School Healthy Recipe’ Folder has been created from recipes provided by Pre-school settings in the Vale of Glamorgan. The idea came about from Information and Fun Days where families in the Vale repeatedly showed significant interest in taking away healthy recipe ideas provided by the Vale Healthy & Sustainable Pre-school Scheme (HaSPSS). The idea developed into engaging pre-school settings to provide healthy recipe ideas which they had either created themselves or had input from the families of the children in their care to create a dedicated ‘Healthy Pre-School Recipes’ Folder.  Families of children that attend the pre-school settings will be given a Folder to promote healthy eating in a simple and an affordable way. The folder is versatile as it can be built upon through the adding of additional recipes sheets, again contributed to by pre-school settings.

Poppins Daycare was keen to be involved in the project and kindly provided a recipe which creatively used vegetables grown from their very own allotment, grown and harvested by their very own pre-schoolers! Totally Tots Childminder who collaboratively shares the allotment with Poppins Daycare, likewise contributed a recipe, and a further 5 other Vale Childminders and 1 Day Nursery contributed to this exciting project!