Family Action: Food and Mood Sessions

We purchased some physical activity equipment for families who are attending our Food and Mood sessions this term. These are taking place alongside two of Family Action’s FOOD (Food on Our Doorstep) Clubs: Kitchener and Fairwater FOOD Clubs, both based in Cardiff. Families have been encouraged to select items that would encourage the whole family to engage in physical activities together – and those they selected included badminton sets, table tennis sets, balls, outdoor sporting items (e.g. bean bag toss), skipping ropes etc. Quotes from families below:

  • ‘This will be great – especially with the Easter holidays comping up. It’ll encourage the children to get away from their screens and get out in the fresh air.’
  • ‘I haven’t played badminton in years and am keen to give it a go again with the children’.
  • ‘I chose the bean toss as I have children of different ages – we can have fun with this with the whole family.’

Families attending two Cardiff FOOD Clubs have benefitted from sporting items, which we provided as a part of a small Food and Mood project running alongside the club to promote health and wellbeing. The project took place at the following clubs: Fairwater Primary School, Wellwright Road, Cardiff, CF5 3ED; Kitchener Primary School, Kitchener Road, Cardiff, CF11 6HT.

Through providing the sports items we were able to promote to low income and vulnerable families the benefits of engaging in physical activities together at home as a whole family – developing their physical health but also quality time together as a family and mental wellbeing.

Alongside the physical activity items, we also provided; a range of food items and recipe ideas to encourage families to cook and eat together healthy meal and snacks (e.g. tun, wholemeal pasta, herbs); information from Mind about the links between food and physical activities and mood; and activities and resources to promote healthy lifestyles (e.g. growing herb seeds).

FOOD Club staff asked families as they attended the club for feedback on the small project. Below are a flavour of the replies:

“We don’t have any balls or rackets at home. I can’t wait to get out and play with them myself.”
“We had a football from FOOD Club and the children have loved it.”
“We have really enjoyed the sports equipment and waiting for some better weather so we can get outside more.”
“The children have taken the sports equipment to their grandparents and all have had fun in the garden.”

Through this project we have reached approximately 50 families. Families will continue to use the equipment that we provided them with, ensuring that their physical health continues to be impacted.